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Here is the science behind it

There are a lot of "scientific rules" that apply to the development of a core outcome set. This is called methodology. 

Our research protocol with detailed information on how this COS is developed can be found here.

From the early beginnings, where perhaps a small group of experts made all decisions behind closed doors, to the current COS-projects involving a large number of stakeholders, a lot has happened. Researching the process of outcome development itself was especially important. This resulted in scientific guidelines that help researchers to develop protocols for their work.

A core outcome set for core outcome sets, if you will!

The COSAR-group incorporated all quality standards in their work, to ensure that this project will succeed.

The literature review that formed the bases of the long-list of outcomes, is published in Human Reproduction Open:

A lot of useful literature for researchers and also women is published on the COMET website:

and the CROWN website:

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič
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