How can you participate?

Who can participate?

  • People with personal experience of having adenomyosis, for example, patients and their partners (it doesn’t matter how long the person has had the condition for).

  • Health care professionals with expertise in treating and caring for people with the condition. This includes amongst others gynaecologists, general practitioners, physiotherapists, psychologists and nurses. 

  • Researchers, investigating adenomyosis.

In which ways can I participate?

As a patient, your input through the survey is incredibly valuable.  You can also engage other people living with adenomyosis by sharing the link to this website through your social media and personal network.

As a health care professional, you can distribute this survey through your network for example your local specialist association and colleagues. Of course, you must participate in the survey!

Can I engage my patients?

If you are treating women with adenomyosis, you could provide this flyer in your practice, for example in the waiting room area. The flyer is a printable A5 size (14.8 x 21cm). 

Make sure that the patients do not perceive any pressure in participating, this project is completely voluntary!
Note that we do not collect any personal data or health-related data.

The survey is open now and until 1. July 2021.


You can also write an email to


When the survey opens, you will receive an email with a link to the survey. 

In order to make this project successful, it is very important that as many participants as possible take part in both rounds

Your participation is completely voluntary, and no personal data will be collected. You will not receive any emails other than the invitations to the survey.

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