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Developing a Core Outcome Set for Adenomyosis Research

Two Delphi rounds are now accomplished- a big thanks to all participants!


What is adenomyosis?

Many women are affected by this largely underdiagnosed condition.


What are core outcome sets?

Improving quality of research through harmonization


How are core outcome sets developed?


How can I participate?

We involve patients and health care professionals around the globe.

Therapy Sessions
Our Mission

If all studies in adenomyosis used the same outcomes, they could all be compared and combined. This would reduce waste and make the best use of all the research. Core outcomes will reflect what is really important for the people affected by adenomyosis.

The COSAR steering group

A group of experts and representatives from each stakeholder group are at the core of the project.

The many steps towards a core outcome set

Here is a short overview of all stages this project has. From identifying the need to improving research.


Finding outcomes that were used before

(Review stage)


Creating a long list that is reviewed by the steering committee and women living with adenomyosis


The long list is up for stakeholder vote through 3 rounds. The core outcomes are finally born!


The group investigates how each outcome from the final list should be measured.


The core outcome set is published and disseminated, researchers around the globe start using it.

The outcomes evaluated in studies should be important to stakeholders such as healthcare professionals, policy makers, and mothers for it to be relevant in evidence-based practice. 

Authors of E-CORE, published in BJOG

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